If My VRAP Tuition Is Less Than My Monthly Amount, Can I Keep the Rest?

Q: How about online Mediation, Pharmacy Tech and Paralegal programs through a school like Lakewood College, which is VRAP approved? The programs last from 9-15 months and the costs are from around $1,700-$2,700. They also have monthly payment plans. So I’m not sure how VRAP works, I understand that they deposit the check monthly so long as you are actively enrolled and it’s verifiable on a month to month basis. So my question is: Are we allowed to use the remaining expenses to our benefit so long as we comply and complete the program even though the programs like these have an overall lower cost in comparison to others?

A: You, you can keep whatever is left over after you pay for your education expenses. What happens is VRAP students get paid the same as Montgomery GI Bill students in that you will get $1,564 per month for each month you are in school, up to 12 months. Out of that amount, you have to pay your tuition, books and any other education-related expenses, however, if all of that is less than your $1,564 per month, you keep what is left over and spend as you like. The converse is also true in that if your expenses exceed your VRAP income, you are responsible for paying the difference.

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  1. Alan says:

    Can you please provide a source. I can’t find this information anywhere else. I’m not saying I don’t believe it. I am just looking for verification.

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